So as I got on Facebook today I saw one share after another about a young girl that had committed suicide because of bullying. Before sharing I did what I had done numerous times in the past; I went to to check on the validity. I was praying this was just another urban legend circulating the social media sites, but unfortunately it was not. This was true. A young girl by the name of Amanda Todd felt the only way out of the torment of being bullied was to end her life. This is a terrible travesty that should never be occurring in our schools or in this lifetime.

As I read the ABC news story about this incident I could not help but think just how tormented she must have felt. She had counselors, parents, and the community trying to help her. But the abuse had already done its’ damage; for she felt so horribly about herself she could see no other way out. This truly breaks my heart to hear of anyone committing suicide.

As I looked at her picture and read the comments I became angry. These people who did not even know her were saying some of the cruelest and most horrendous things I have ever heard said about someone who has passed away. What is wrong with you people? This was someone’s daughter, cousin, friend, sister, grand-daughter; and they loved her very much.

For those that think she was weak or selfish for committing suicide; how dare you when you have no clue what she went through! Yes, committing suicide is wrong and NO ONE should ever feel they have nothing left to live for! However, until we walk in their shoes we cannot judge them for their actions.

To those people that think it is funny and “cool” to be a bully and harass others. Remember this, what goes around comes around. You may not think anything about it now; but remember you may have children or grand-children someday. What if that was your children being harassed? To the adult bullies that are out there…. And yes there are plenty. Grow up and act like the adult you are. While you are making fun of that person, remember you are not perfect and have your own faults. No one is perfect. Cyber-bullying is against the law and so is harassment.  Keep that in mind or you might just find yourself behind bars.

To anyone that is being harassed or bullied… stand your ground and be proud of who you are. Remember this: bullies are only bullies as long as you allow them to be. You are giving them the control. Take back that control!

If you are or anyone you know is thinking of suicide, please contact someone! There are those around you that love you… think of what this will do to them.

*****In memory of Amanda Todd and all others that have committed suicide or been a victim of bullying; may you rest in peace*****.

1-800-SUICIDE (784-8499)

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

And for those hearing impaired

1-800-799-4TTY (4889)