I heard this person talking once and they said “You live in misery because no one has ever told you there is better”.

That made a startling amount of sense to me. I realized I was living my life the way I was because I always had, because it was the status quo. It’s what you were supposed to do. “But this gave me pause. “What is better?” That is the logical next question.

Because no one ever told me there was better. Because I had never conceived of such a concept. There are words in our lexicon that we do not even understand and yet we use all the time. Words like “Enough” or “Satisfied” or “Better”. What does “Enough” mean in a society where some people are billionaires and yet still struggle on for more. What is “Satisfied” in a word where our role models are people who live in empty excess, too much sex, too much drugs, too much fame. What is “Better” than this?

I can’t tell you. I think this is something you have to find for yourself. I think it’s very similar for most people, contains the same elements but in other permutations for each individual. But like “Peace” or “Self-love” things are meaningless unless earned and defined by ourselves. I can tell you that finding them – all of them involves self-examination and moving out of your comfort zone and doing things differently. I can tell you that to find them you will need to sacrifice all of your sacred bulls. I can tell you those people who haven’t gotten there yet will call you a sellout, will look at you oddly and secretly envy your joy. You will lose friends and see just how much of “Truth” is actually “Lie”. And I can promise you that if you start the walk down that road, some day you will look up and marvel at the life you have created. Yes, you have to make your own life. God’s plan for you is for you to be happy. Joy is your destiny.  The Universe has a way of fulfilling dreams not how we hoped, but how it will be “BEST” for us. And the irony is “Best”, “Better”, “Peace”, “Joy”, “Peace”, “Enough” “Self Love” are things that share themselves, that move from you into the world to make it “Better” for everyone. When you live in your “Better”, you become a role model, a walking example.

For the writer, this begins when we put pen to paper. We write about the world we wish existed. And it can. Let me start you down the road. “You live in misery, because no one ever told you there is better.”