It is rare that you can go to a hole-in-the-wall venue and be wowed by a performance, but that is exactly what happened for me recently. My friend’s band, Wolfpack, was playing at Snoops, an unassuming establishment located off a busy San Antonio street. Rumor had it that the original Legs Diamond frontman Rick Sanford would be making an appearance with the band.

Legs Diamond was a popular band in South Texas back in the 80s, and though I really liked them back then, I wasn’t expecting much. After all, this was Snoops; just a small bar with u-shaped bar area, a few pool tables and dart boards, seating for about 30-40 people, and not much else. It was your typical neighborhood bar. That said, the bar is known as a hot spot for musicians who come out for Snoop’s Wednesday night jam sessions.

As luck would have it, Rick was sitting right behind us. This was really going to happen, but I still had no grand expectations. Before this, if I had to pick one image to describe the bar, it would be of its dungeon-like smoking area that makes me forever grateful I quit smoking. I wouldn’t send my worst enemy out there.

The place was packed by the time Rick Sanford left his seat to join Wolfpack on stage. Anticipation filled the room. And then it happened. As a group of fans gathered around the platform, Rick started singing “Woman,” Legs Diamond’s most popular song. Lighters flickered in the air. People were swaying to the music. The sounds, the words, “Woman——-, can you feel me? Don’t you know, don’t you know….” For a beautiful moment I was mesmerized.

I was no longer in a club, but at an amazing concert. And yes, I could feel it.

Being wowed by a performance in a hole-in-the-wall neighborhood bar may be rare, but when it happens, it’s maybe that much sweeter for being so unexpected. I can say that for this woman, it was an experience I will always treasure.


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