Ask any author what it feels like to see their manuscript in print and the answer will almost always be the same: “The feeling is close to indescribable”. It ranges somewhere between ecstatic, happiness, joy, and pride. This answer is across the board for any author of any genre and whether they are self-published or traditionally published. Being proud of one’s writing is the same for any author. So why then are those that use traditional publishing versus self-publishers looked at differently?

I am an author. I have published three books since May of 2012, with almost twenty 5 stars reviews between them.  These reviews for the most part are from total strangers. I did not buy them or bribe them. So I would say I am pretty good at what I do. So why am I looked at like a second rate author? Or as one person said to me: “So you’re not really a published author?” Wait… what? My books have been published therefore yes I am.

The stigma that is attached to being an Indie author is ridiculous. Most people think because my books are self-published it means they are no good. Well, let me tell you… I have read some books by “traditional published” authors and thought: “Wow, ok that’s a week of my life I’ll never get back.”

The biggest challenge for me has been promotion. Traditional publishing companies will not deal with me without an agent; nearly all agents I contact say they are not looking for new authors; self-publishing is great because my work gets published; but many brick and mortar stores will not deal with self-published authors.

There are no magical solutions to this. More people need to realize that self-publishers are just as good of authors and some even better as those traditionally published. We work just as hard if not harder and nearly everything is done by ourselves. For those Indie authors that do not have the money for editors, proofreaders, cover designers, publicist, and marketing… then this is all done by the Indie author. I cannot count the many nights of staying up until 4 or 5 am working on promotional material or cover design.

I read this statement somewhere and think more people need to follow it:

“The best way to support an Indie author… buy their books!”