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Since even the greatest and most successful writers make typos and misspellings, overlook discrepancies in plots, and use inconsistent styles over the course of a work, they understand that all levels of editing are important to a manuscript. Successful writers would never submit unedited work for publishing, and neither should you.

Give your writing the best chance of success – have your work edited by the pros at Sketchy Edits!

Upon consultation, Sketchy Edits will help you decide what type or types of editing you should pursue.

Substantive (Developmental) / Line Editing

Often, the first step in editing a manuscript is substantive / developmental editing. Line editing is similar in nature to substantive editing. The difference is that each line and paragraph is looked at separately as opposed to the entire manuscript.  Line editors may also assist with rewrites. At Sketchy Minds, we’ve combined these processes to simplify the process for you.

Things addressed at this phase include:

  • Structure and organization
  • Plot holes
  • Characters that add no value to the story
  • Inconsistency in character behavior / voice
  • Changes in voice (i.e. third-person is suddenly first person, etc.)
  • Rewrites
  • Sentence structure
  • Paragraph structure
  • Wordiness
  • Readability
  • Tone
  • Spelling / grammar

The developmental and line editing phases often include a second manuscript review after the initial suggestions were addressed. Price runs 50 cents a word. Discounts may apply to larger manuscripts.


Copyediting concentrates on facts, consistent styles, and proper grammar. It ties in closely with line editing. The key things checked during copyediting are:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Style and consistency
  • Capitalization
  • Layout and formatting
  • Fact-checking / believability
  • Repetition
  • Jargon

Price runs 25 cents a word for copyediting. Discounts may apply to larger manuscripts.


Proofreading is the final stage in editing. The detail-oriented proofreader ensures that all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. It is very similar to copyediting but normally does not include checking facts or styles. However, a proofreader may catch overlooked grammar and / or word usage. By the time your novel is sent to a proofreader, you are almost ready to publish.

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation

Price runs 10 cents a word for copyediting. Discounts may apply to larger manuscripts.

Give your writing the best chance of success – give Sketchy Edits a try!

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