Today we are back at the little Chinese diner having a bite to eat. Dad tells me what he “thinks he’ll try” tonight.

I commented, “Isn’t that what you normally eat?”

He stated that he didn’t remember. I briefly worry that Dad is having some issues. He’s soon giving a detailed explanation of how to venture to a place many miles away, that he looked up earlier the old fashioned way – on an actual map that is not online. I decide Dad is just fine.

Mom glances over her menu, debating what she wants to eat tonight.

“What are you having,” she asks me, anxiously awaiting a reply.

“Lemon chicken, mom. Y’all don’t seem to like that much. It’s breaded and you always remove that.” I reply.

“Oh,” she shakes her head a tad, looks back at her menu, and then to Dad. “What are you having?”

“The Cashew Chicken.”

“That sounds good. Hmmm” Mom tells him and goes back to musing over the food choices.

Our waiter stops by and Mom hurries with her order, “Chicken with cashews!”

“And what kind of soup would you like?”

“I get soup? Oh yum! What kind do you have?”

We are frequent visitors to this establishment and I wonder if he catches her flaw in remembering the simple things. I don’t recognize him though, so he must be a new employee. Whatever the case, it doesn’t faze him.

“Hot & Sour, Egg Drop, or Wonton,” he replies with a smile.

“I’ll have the Sweet & Sour” Mom boasts.

“You mean Hot & Sour?” I corrected her, partly to ensure it’s what she really wanted.

She flashes me a look that says, “I know that.”

Dad’s next to order and he’s returned to his egg drop soup.

Mom is very excited. “I’m trying something new today!”

Our soup arrives and mom starts eating. She again tells us, “I’m trying something new today and I’m glad. This is good!” She’s beaming from ear to ear.

“I’m glad too, mom.” I’m not sure why, but I had to stifle a giggle. This wasn’t funny – anything but, nonetheless I felt the urge to chuckle. I return her grin instead.

In some respects, having a bit of a memory problem can be a blessing. You get to try things for the first time all over again. What fresh things await your discovery?