I think every writer secretly wants their book done as a movie. Ask most of them who they would cast and they know. They have thought about it. In fact, often while writing they will see that actor as the character.

And what does every good movie need?  A soundtrack. I think one of the most effective creative tools you can have in your office is a playlist.

The right music can make the writing simple. You can choose it or find a mood on Pandora. I’ve written several novels by typing “Peter Gabriel” into Pandora. Pandora is a site that lets you type in the song title, artist or kind of music and it gives you more songs like that. You can also modify the list by liking and disliking stuff.

Different music is for different kinds of writing. I listened to a lot of “Drowning Pool” and “Evanescence” while I was writing Turf War about two serial killers raging through Tampa, Florida. On the other hand, I listen to a lot of Peter Gabriel’s later stuff when I am working on The Triangelus trilogy. It’s artsy and ethereal. There are stories powered by Bluegrass and others that are acid jazz.

I think it would be cool to do a playlist and put it in the back of your book so the reader could listen while they are reading.

Anyway, there are other reasons for listening to music. First, it blocks out your kids screaming, the toilet over flowing, the doorbell and all those other things that pull you out of the revel of writing.  It keeps your spirits up and can bring back the tone you had going before you had to go unclog the toilet or stop for the day. It can be like a spiritual placeholder.

So take some time and find your soundtrack.