Sketchy Minds’ Post Schedule

Sketchy Minds Calendar of Events

We have a lot going on at Sketchy Minds, and we want to include you, our loyal fans!

Monday – Music Monday! We welcome any and all musicians to make a post on Sketchy Minds about their musical trials, interest, and even upcoming venues & albums. We will even share your music. You can submit it any time, and it will be scheduled to post on a Monday in the near future!  Be sure to check out Heaven Below while your at it. Patrick & the band ROCK! You can find samples of their music on Sketchy Minds’ at the store.

Tuesday – Love to read and/or watch movies? Tuesday is reserved for awesome reviews! Maybe we will pick yours, so feel free to submit one of your own.  Sharon Perkins will be writing some reviews, and possibly post a short on memory issues. Hey, it helps get her through the rough patch & people seem to enjoy them.

Wednesday – Author  Cindy Hutchins submits a post that is always knowledgeable, and normally about writing, publishing, and other areas pertaining to the craft. Don’t miss out! You can find Cindy’s books on Amazon. Be sure to check them out!

Thursday – You can expect a monthly post from Justin Plummer or V.V. Taylor.   They’ve always got something to say! Look for V.V.’s book, “Letters From Heaven” to come out soon. This is also the day we share  fan participation posts (something you wrote), or share our favorite quotes!

Friday – Elle Botz shares moments of her life, updates on her book, “Waking Charley Vaughan”, and other spectacular reads that you won’t want to miss!  We just love hearing the latest updates on little Lucy!

Saturday and Sunday – Anything can happen – including nothing! Brooklyn Summers or one of our other writers might decide to make a guest appearance.

Fan Participation:

Sketchy minds wants YOU to join our fan participation action! Have something you want to write, but don’t want to commit to having a whole blog or contributor section? Then become a fan contributor. Submit your pieces through our site, and we will review and post your submissions for everyone to read! You can participate once a week, and you are free to post on any topic!

Submitting is easy… Sign up to become a member at Once you are signed in, just go to posts & create a new post! As easy as pie, and just as good!

We look forward to reading your posts – whatever they may be!