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We have a number of writers who blog on our site, and many more who have graced us with a post or more in the past. Our most current bloggers are listed below. We welcome everyone to submit their own works on our site. Our editing team will look it over, and if everything checks out, post it on a Tuesday or Thursday in the near future!

Cindy Hutchins

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Bio: Cindy Hutchins was raised in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina in the town of Morganton. She grew up surrounded by the oral tradition of the South and the supernatural. She currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her son, Gabriel and three very spoiled animal.

Elle Botz

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Justin Plummer

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Sharon Perkins

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Bio: An Army brat, Sharon moved around a bit before settling down in Texas, arguably one of the sketchiest places ever. She’s traveled through much of the US, visiting many great cities and landmarks, and, more importantly, meeting all kinds of interesting characters. Some of which may come out in her writing.

Sharon discovered a love for writing in second grade when her teacher gave the class an assignment to write a story book. The teacher was impressed with the job she did, and Sharon took this as an invitation to create more stories just for her instructor. About six novels the teacher told her she didn’t need any more. Young and impressionable, she decided not to pick the pencil back up. Years later, she rediscovered that love. She now has a number of works in progress, a published short story, and one book in the editing stage.

V.V. Taylor

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Coming soon! Letters From Heaven

Bio: Debuting Novelist, Published Writer, Passionate Poet, Retired Pastor, Children’s Advocate, Cat Lover & Underdog Champion, who will cry over some commercials!